The story of Fast4ward Media began from a young age. Warren Cabaniss used to race dirt bikes competitively and has always been interested in performance competition. This passion has continued throughout his life and in 2016, in his garage, he began making GoPro mounts that fit in the recovery location of European cars for off road and track purposes.

Warren liked the idea of filming at street level while in motion capturing a dynamic view of the situation as it unfolds. The local performance community was so impressed with the innovation and quality of this product that he began making and selling these GoPro mounts nationwide. He would use his innovation to capture his own track events, then edit them and produce a video to post. These videos were captured and told in such a way that others were asking him to make videos for their marketing business accounts.

Warren continued to direct and produce marketing content around the Carolina’s by himself and continued to grow his photography/videography skill set as well as his equipment to better serve his customers needs. With this growth he looked to bring on new talent. He came across Brandon Watson who’s unique drone skill set was the perfect dynamic fit for Fast4ward Media’s vision and their strong competitive mind set and love for performance just fit naturally.

The Team